Apr 16 2010


Baltimore, MARYLAND — This portrait session with Hip-Hop artist SoulStice was several months in the making.  SoulStice is not only an accomplished song writer–his skills made known on the Oscar award-winning movie, “The Blind Side“–but he also holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

I originally penned the Little Italy neighborhood as the our location, but SoulStice suggested a back-up location at Clipper Mill.  The Food Network’s Ace of Cakes is actually down the street.  On the day of the shoot, the back-up location seemed a lot more appealing, so we headed there–it turned out that before all the renovations, I planned to shoot at the abandoned mill–and we couldn’t have been luckier!

The weather and lighting conditions were all ideal.  Even the crowds were non-existent.  I honestly couldn’t believe that we were the only ones shooting there.  We nailed all our shots and then some.  Here’s a sample: