Sep 23 2009

Neuaura Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

GEORGETOWN, Washington, D.C. — A few months ago I received an email from Arti Upadhyay, owner and designer of Neuaura Shoes, saying that she’d like for me to shoot her Fall/Winter shoe collection.  Wow, just the opportunity I was praying for!  We played a little phone tag, but we eventually agreed to work together.

Arti is making quite a name for herself in the Vegan fashion scene.  As many of you may know, Vegan fashion wear eliminates the use of animal products. Period.  That means end-to-end–yes even the factory in Brazil is Vegan-approved–no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of Neuaura products!

A few weeks after our conversation, I received the samples in a huge, worn box.  I could tell this guy had made it’s rounds with FedEx; turns out the collection was being featured in various fashion articles including The Wall Street Journal.  I decided to take the collection down to Georgetown to give me a quasi-city feel.  The Washington, DC area isn’t know for huge skyscrapers or that New York hustle, so I’d have to fudge the L&F with tight shots and editing.


Check out the article from City Saheli featuring one of our images!

May 25 2009

Rose & Rob eSession

WASHINGTON, DC — Rob and Rose are two of my closest friends.  I’ve known Rose since we were in children’s worship service; we also got baptised on the same day back in 1992.  I met Rob when he got stationed here.  We ended up getting an investment property in Burtonsville back in 2004.  Did I mention he taught me how to snowboard?  I’m forever indebted.

Before Rob got stationed Okinawa and Cuba, he got the opportunity to spend time with Rose in Washington, DC and a couple other venues.  The two kept in contact with each other through email and Facebook and decided that they were right for each other.

So here we are again, full circle in Washington, DC to grab some frames.  It was a hot, yet pleasant day in our Nation’s Capital.  Take a look:


Jan 18 2009

Obama Fever

WASHINGTON, DC — Can you imagine the hype and hysteria in the DC Metro errea, I mean, area right now?!  Only a trip down to DC can give you a true sense of things to come.  It was only Saturday and the Metro and DC Mall crowds are a sight to see.  Honestly, I don’t know how people will manage to get down there on Tuesday, let alone egress from the Mall.  I probably won’t make the trip down on Tuesday despite the obvious historical significance.  It’s just gonna be nuts!  I’m not the only who feels that way either.  My close family friends from Atlanta made a trip up here just for the Inauguration only to find out the magnitude of expected attendees; well over two million people.  Yeah, nuts!

We just decided to use Saturday as “I’ve Been There” day and use Tuesday to celebrate from the warm, toasty comfort of our homes.  If Tuesday’s weather is anything like this evening’s painfully freezing weather, then I say more power to Beyonce and friends; I hope you bundle up nicely.  We weren’t going away empty-handed, however.  Metro cards–the paper variety–are available from the Metro card kiosks as are the special edition Metro-issued DC maps.  That’s the most authentic and genuine Inauguration memorabilia you can get.  Here’s some shots from tonight: