Sep 22 2011

Product Photoshoot: Pacquiao Brand Tees

ANNANDALE, Virginia — Newly launched in the US, the official Pacquiao brand tees!  To help break in the brand, Bradley David Photography, Noel Delarosa Promotions, and skater Angelo Lee teamed up for one hot photoshoot.

Make-up by Ana Huynh
Second shooter: Noreen Delarosa
Models: Josiie and Stephanie


Courtesy of Noreen Delarosa

Courtesy of Noreen Delarosa



Feb 3 2010

CP Boxing – 01.25.2010

Fort Washington, Maryland — This was a really cool shoot at Old School Boxing, located in the basement of Rosecroft Raceway.  The thing that got me was, from the outside, you’d never know it was there.  I went back and forth down Rosecroft Drive thinking I had missed it.  Lucky for me Cyprian answers his cell phone!  The gym is a very authentic boxing gym with, you guessed it, that old school atmosphere.  Inside, dozens of sweaty, yet welcoming faces greeted me as I entered the gym.  The smell reminded me of the wrestling rooms back in high school.  Weathered boxing gloves and old speed bags line the ceiling, while posters of boxing legends hang immortalized on the walls.  I’ll definitely make another run back there and shoot around.

    Client: Cyprian (CP Boxing)
    Location: Old School Boxing (Rosecroft Raceway), 6336 Rosecroft Drive, Fort Washington, MD, 20744-1921








Jan 14 2010

Product Photoshoot: Third Eye Earth — 12.12.2009


    Client: Tony Cavasilios
    Company: Third Eye Earth
    Product: Organic clothing (t-shirts)



Third Eye Earth

Third Eye Earth

Nov 25 2009

Protected: Maternity Session: Edel — 11.22.2009

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Jan 13 2009

Ana & Nam – eSession

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Over the weekend Princess Ana arrived, straight outta London, to handle her business in South Cackalacky! Nam and Ana drove all-day Sunday from down South back to the DC area for their engagement session. Unfortunately, we didn’t start shooting until 10:30pm, so sad to say it was a mess since nothing was open for a location shoot. We tried shooting around the house and outside in the frigid cold, but I couldn’t nail a single shot. Did I mention her flight was at 6 a.m the next morn? Oh, did I also mention that the shots were supposed to be used for the wedding brochure that her cousin in Australia is making? Talk about dropping the ball. Well, the Lord was indeed good and blessed the three of us with a missed flight and a second lease on life. Nam managed to gain access to a great private lounge and theater near his house with almost unlimited shooting time. Thank you, Lord!

Only You

Oct 26 2008

Hayag-Dela Rosa Wedding – 06.29.2008

TEMPLE HILLS, Maryland — What can I say?  Noreen and Noel are so chill and relaxed.  I don’t think these two know the meaning of mad?  I always see them laughing and joking.  Yeah, speaking of joking… After the reception, Noel, Noreen and I headed back to the Hotel Monaco Alexandria for more portraits.  I thought it was necessary to take our time and take advantage of the remarkable artsy flare at the Monaco.  Noel thought it’d be funny to adjust the seat warmers in the car to maximum while I wasn’t looking.  The two of us would be talking in joking and I’d be like, “Dang, my jonk is cookin’!”  Not cool, literally.  The sad thing is I fell for his conversational distractions more that once.  “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again! (W).”  That guy.

Noreen did get a bit of car sickness.  Maybe it was the stop and go traffic on the Wilson bridge or perhaps it was my driving or both!  At any rate, she almost didn’t feel like shooting anymore.  Noreen took some time to decompress once we got back at the hotel by opening gifts and closing her eyes for a sec.  Here are some of the shots to prove that Nori is a trooper.


For main coverage, I had a fellow photographer Sohee Kim come out and shoot.  I worked with her during the Mun-Ko Wedding for Baltazar Photography.  Sohee’s a master at the bridal poses!  I learned a thing or two from her, no doubt.  Thanks, Sohee!