May 9 2011

Destination eSession — Ramos-Tioseco (Venice, Italy)

VENICE, Italy — After missing our original flight from DCA to LaGuardia, some quick wheelin-n-dealin from Ramon and Kristina with the airline got us back on track, sort of.  Our new route: a five-hour bus ride from Virginia to New York’s Penn Station, a quick bite at Shake Shack, and finally a mad dash–albeit slow–through the infamous Holland Tunnel and into Newark, NJ.  After a short layover in Rome, we headed North to Venice.  Upon landing, we were greeted with some awesome, blue-sky weather.  A 20-minute ride aboard a spectacular water taxi yielded some impressive views of the ancient city.  So we lost a half a day of scouting; no big deal.  We were made to push through impossible odds!  Besides, we’re in Europe, baby!

Without further ado, follow Ramon, Kristina, and their relentless photographer on the first leg of the three-city tour, beginning with Venice, Italy.  Our photo sessions take us around the magnificent Piazza San Marco along the Grand Canal, the splendid Salute, the timeless Rialto Bridge, and through the endless alleys and bridges of Venezia!  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Barcelona!