Sep 11 2012

eSession — Cabanayan-Garrett (08.11.2012)

WHEATON, Maryland — I’ve been on a hiatus from shooting weddings and engagements (under Bradley David Photography) for a few years now.  But somehow, Rob managed to bring me out of retirement and it feels good.  Never satisfied with my work, I’ve spent the better part of last year and this year trying to come up with a new, evolved style; thanks to Ramon & Kristina and Oly of Metro!  Having the privilege of doing Rob and Alyssa’s engagement photos gave me a chance to test out what I’ve learned.  Both Rob and Alyssa were great to work with, letting me direct them into the shots that you’ll see in a few short moments.  I hope you enjoy the new look!

Location: Brookside Gardens


Apr 27 2009

Viloria-Agron Wedding – 04.24.2009

CHICAGO, Illinois — Christina (Tina), the bride, is an old friend of mine from way back.  I met her through my friend Aine when I was interning in 1997 at Argonne National Laboratory.  Tina called me late last year to see if I would cover her wedding.  How could I say no.  Tina is a great and generous friend!  My brother Paul and I stayed at her house in Kauai!  As a matter of fact, her house is on the mountain where Spielberg filmed the “flocking” scene in Jurassic Park.  Did I mention that she killed the monstrous cockroaches that I was too petrified to exterminate myself?!

Come to think of it, Christian, the groom, was the first ask me to shoot his wedding while I was shooting the Valdez-Dungca wedding last June.  I’ve known Christian for a few years as well, but wasn’t sure if he was serious about the coverage.  I guess he was!

Upon arriving in the Windy City, I was greeted by my luggage at baggage claim (fast service if must say so) and a black limo and driver; well not really, the limo was actually a black Honda Accord and the limo driver was Christian.  It was no doubt an errand and tie-up-loose-ends kind of day.  At the time, I thought I was shooting solo, so I decided to cover Chris at the barber shop.  His barber is amazing!  He used a razor blade to cut’em up.  I was impressed by his control and skill.

I was blessed by the Almighty and had two excellent shooters on-hand: Kuya JoJo and Conrad.  Man, these guys have the gear and skills to cover.  Awesome.  Conrad had two 46″ Photek umbrellas that improved our group portraits big time.  I actually ended up ordering one because of the quality it bought us at the chapel and the Hyatt Regency (O’hare).  Check out our work.  This is the Castelo-David Photography  Collabo, foreal!


Jan 13 2009

Ana & Nam – eSession

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Over the weekend Princess Ana arrived, straight outta London, to handle her business in South Cackalacky! Nam and Ana drove all-day Sunday from down South back to the DC area for their engagement session. Unfortunately, we didn’t start shooting until 10:30pm, so sad to say it was a mess since nothing was open for a location shoot. We tried shooting around the house and outside in the frigid cold, but I couldn’t nail a single shot. Did I mention her flight was at 6 a.m the next morn? Oh, did I also mention that the shots were supposed to be used for the wedding brochure that her cousin in Australia is making? Talk about dropping the ball. Well, the Lord was indeed good and blessed the three of us with a missed flight and a second lease on life. Nam managed to gain access to a great private lounge and theater near his house with almost unlimited shooting time. Thank you, Lord!

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