Nov 3 2010

Nike Zoom Kaiju Snowboard Boots

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – Sure, these may be last year’s model, but nothing’s changed except the colorway.  I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect replacement for my six-year old Northwave Kevin Jones boots, and stumbled across the Nike Kaiju.  Wow, I normally wouldn’t look to Nike for snowboard gear, but this boot was too hot to ignore.  Nikes were also highly recommended by my friends, so it was a no-brainer to order them.  I secured one of the last remaining pair from Martini Skate & Snow for $244.00!

What caught my eye the most was the strong Jordan design influence married with a bit of Asian flare (a la the Japanese characters).  Yo, can’t go wrong with the elephant print and XI’s eye loops.

And it’s definitely not overrated; the fit is amazing and feels a lot less bulky than other boots.  The liner hugs your foot without being constricting.  I can’t wait to break them in.  I’m not sure if I’ll heat mold them or just do what Mike of Martini Skate & Snow suggested; that is, put on snowboard socks, wear the boot for an hour, take them off for 10, then another hour with the boot back on.

I’m confident these will hold up for me for the next five years; that’s not to say I won’t pick up the 2010/2011 colorway when this season is over!  Thanks to Marlon and Jordy for suggesting the Nike brand!  Check out some of the images I took in my makeshift bedroom studio! 😀

2009/2010 Nike Zoom Kaiju (black/varsity royal)

Sep 23 2009

Neuaura Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

GEORGETOWN, Washington, D.C. — A few months ago I received an email from Arti Upadhyay, owner and designer of Neuaura Shoes, saying that she’d like for me to shoot her Fall/Winter shoe collection.  Wow, just the opportunity I was praying for!  We played a little phone tag, but we eventually agreed to work together.

Arti is making quite a name for herself in the Vegan fashion scene.  As many of you may know, Vegan fashion wear eliminates the use of animal products. Period.  That means end-to-end–yes even the factory in Brazil is Vegan-approved–no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of Neuaura products!

A few weeks after our conversation, I received the samples in a huge, worn box.  I could tell this guy had made it’s rounds with FedEx; turns out the collection was being featured in various fashion articles including The Wall Street Journal.  I decided to take the collection down to Georgetown to give me a quasi-city feel.  The Washington, DC area isn’t know for huge skyscrapers or that New York hustle, so I’d have to fudge the L&F with tight shots and editing.


Check out the article from City Saheli featuring one of our images!