Feb 23 2010

NeuAura Shoes Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

New York — This is the second collection I’ve photographed for Arti and NeuAura.  Before I received the samples I had plans to shoot the collection outdoors.  Unfortunately, the DC area got hit with two monster snow storms, so I was a bit worried about the shoot.  My only requirement was to maintain a rustic theme, so I Googled “rustic” and didn’t see images that I liked.  I stumbled on some images of wood flooring and knew that was the direction I wanted to take.

I headed down to Home Depot, perused the aisles for cheap solutions, but didn’t find anything reasonable.  Staining cut planks of wood required too much effort and buying a big box of wood flooring was uneconomical.  I stumbled on some pressed wood shelving and decided to go with four shelves for $20.  But after shooting the shoes on them, the results were terrible.  The wood pattern and quality looked really cheap.  I was really worried after that.

Overnight, I remembered seeing some pretty good quality flooring at Ikea.  The next day I swung by and picked a box for $30.  Wow!  The put together the set on my dining room table, but still wasn’t sure what to expect.  After shooting a test shot, I was feeling pretty good.  The results were lightyears ahead of the Home Depot solution.  I’ll be return the shelving and keeping the flooring for future shoots!

    Client: Arti Upadhyay
    Company: NeuAura Shoes (New York, NY)
    Product: Animal-friendly fashion footwear

Feb 3 2010

CP Boxing – 01.25.2010

Fort Washington, Maryland — This was a really cool shoot at Old School Boxing, located in the basement of Rosecroft Raceway.  The thing that got me was, from the outside, you’d never know it was there.  I went back and forth down Rosecroft Drive thinking I had missed it.  Lucky for me Cyprian answers his cell phone!  The gym is a very authentic boxing gym with, you guessed it, that old school atmosphere.  Inside, dozens of sweaty, yet welcoming faces greeted me as I entered the gym.  The smell reminded me of the wrestling rooms back in high school.  Weathered boxing gloves and old speed bags line the ceiling, while posters of boxing legends hang immortalized on the walls.  I’ll definitely make another run back there and shoot around.

    Client: Cyprian (CP Boxing)
    Location: Old School Boxing (Rosecroft Raceway), 6336 Rosecroft Drive, Fort Washington, MD, 20744-1921








Jan 14 2010

Protected: Maternity Session: Marlene Unisa — 12.10.2010, 01.23.2010

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Jan 14 2010

Product Photoshoot: Third Eye Earth — 12.12.2009


    Client: Tony Cavasilios
    Company: Third Eye Earth
    Product: Organic clothing (t-shirts)



Third Eye Earth

Third Eye Earth

Nov 25 2009

Protected: Maternity Session: Edel — 11.22.2009

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Nov 7 2009

David-Williams Wedding – 11.07.2009

BRENTWOOD, Maryland — What a blessing it was to have such beautiful weather on Mercedes and Richard’s wedding day.  I learned about my cousin’s wedding two weeks before today and asked if they wanted my cousin Jeremiah and me to shoot it.  I was pretty excited to visit my old neighborhood in Queenstown, right off of Chillum Road in Hyattsville, Maryland.  I had such great memories growing up there, so it was befitting that I continue making more on Mercedes’ wedding day.  Congrats, my beautiful cousin and my new cousin-in-law, J.R.!

david-williams-5816 david-williams-5824 david-williams-5853 david-williams-5835 david-williams-5861 david-williams-5881 david-williams-5942 david-williams-6012 david-williams-6030 david-williams-5977

Sep 27 2009

Katz’s Deli and Jim’s Steaks — 09.26.2009

NEW YORK, New York — To finish off our trip up North for Frenchie’s baptism, we headed over to one-of-two, sad to say, tourist traps: Katz’s Deli.  Although the ‘tourist trap’ label is a bit harsh, modern television media and food programming turn them into those.  Best kept secrets become a melting pot of annoying people-traffic.  But there is an upside.  In their purest form, places like Katz’s, Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC and Pat’s in Philly are all tributes to awesome, O.G. throwback architecture and culture.  It’s not your typically wanna-be chain restaurant that’s hired the crew from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to design the joint.  We’re talking blood-n-sweat, Mom-n-Pop shops who have built their reputations over several decades.  It’s definitely worth experiencing at least once, even though crowds–myself included in those crowds–can spoil things a bit.

My brother Paul discovered Katz’s from Food Network show and recommended that we try out their famous kosher sandwiches.  The food is pretty good, the wait-time and crowds are absolutely not.  If you decide to head there, do not sit in the back area towards the right if you intend to have someone wait on you.  Sit in the main eating area.  Sitting in the back (next to the bathrooms) requires you to go to the front and grab your food.  Not a big deal, but it sucked that we gave up good seats and wait service in the front.  Sitting where we were did buy us relief from the hoards of chair-bumping tourists!  I had a pastrami sandwich. Rating (7.75/10)

katzs-deli-001 katzs-deli-001-4 katzs-deli-001-3katzs-deli-001-2

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — The last leg of the trip brought us to the City of Brotherly Love.  Yes, that’s right, we hit up Jim’s Steaks to compare it to our other beloved tourist trip, Pat’s King of Steaks, or Pat’s for short.  Before we got into the city we couldn’t imaging anyone else lining up to eat there given that it was pouring outside.  We were wrong.  The line had us waiting for around thirty minutes just to sample our first non-Pat’s sandwich.  The chefs were great to photograph as they played along with my attempts to covertly capture them in action.  So, what can I say about the steaks?  The meat was a bit too chopped up (almost minced) for my taste, but it was definitely good.  I’d highly recommend trying it out if you’re into the comparison thing.  I’m still a Pat’s loyalist, but you know, sometimes you need to see what the competition is all about.  Well, I guess this begs the question, how good is Gino’s?  I may stay away from this one.  That’s like me going for the Cowboys.  Rating (7.5/10).


Sep 23 2009

Neuaura Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

GEORGETOWN, Washington, D.C. — A few months ago I received an email from Arti Upadhyay, owner and designer of Neuaura Shoes, saying that she’d like for me to shoot her Fall/Winter shoe collection.  Wow, just the opportunity I was praying for!  We played a little phone tag, but we eventually agreed to work together.

Arti is making quite a name for herself in the Vegan fashion scene.  As many of you may know, Vegan fashion wear eliminates the use of animal products. Period.  That means end-to-end–yes even the factory in Brazil is Vegan-approved–no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of Neuaura products!

A few weeks after our conversation, I received the samples in a huge, worn box.  I could tell this guy had made it’s rounds with FedEx; turns out the collection was being featured in various fashion articles including The Wall Street Journal.  I decided to take the collection down to Georgetown to give me a quasi-city feel.  The Washington, DC area isn’t know for huge skyscrapers or that New York hustle, so I’d have to fudge the L&F with tight shots and editing.


Check out the article from City Saheli featuring one of our images!

Sep 20 2009

LA Boxing: Fight Night – 09.19.2009

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — What better way to kick off the Mayweather-Marquez evening than to see a dozen or so brave souls dukin’ it out! It’s my first Fight Night event at LA Boxing and I hope it won’t be my last. Tonight had everything from boxing, to kickboxing, to BJJ! Female and male competitors gettin’ it on for the fans. I mean, I was already tired from the wedding I shot earlier, but somehow I got a second wind. Thanks to the LA Boxing staff for having me.

To purchase the pictures, visit the following link: LA Boxing: Fight Night (09/19/2009) @ SmugMug


Aug 26 2009

Henry Doorly Zoo

OMAHA, Nebraska — My first visit to the zoo in over twenty years. The trip was great since I had Crystal, cousin, brother and his girlfriend to enjoy it with. Everything was great until we got to the gorilla exhibit. I couldn’t help but feel sad for the animals in behind the glass. Maybe you will see what I’m talking about when you see this shot.