Jul 14 2009

UPS: “We On Fire, Up in Here…”

LAUREL, Maryland–What can Brown do for you? How about send all those sweet eBay purchases to a fiery hell! That’s exactly what I saw today on the way home from work-work. Driving down Route 29 in Laurel, past MD-219 (Scaggsville Road), I noticed a thick black plume of smoke coming from the tree line near the driving range. Cars were slowing to a crawl, but they weren’t rubber knecking too badly. I’ve seen worse on the Beltway, so it was probably some engine fire gone bad. Yup, I was right! But I didn’t expect this…

bdfotos-1Closer...Whoa! A little too close!

Before I slowed down, I pulled the trusty iPhone–not known for it’s marvelous picture quality–from my pocket and managed to squeeze some pretty decent shots from it. The heat was intense as I drove by the side of the truck, windows all the way down.

Jul 9 2009

Cruz Family – Maternity Session

GREENBELT, Maryland — It’s been over two years since I first started shooting and it all feels like (yes, it’s cliche) yesterday.  Lorraine and Neil have believed in me since the beginning.  Always offering honest and encouraging advice in all my photography ventures.  They were actually the ones who got me my first gig with Chris (Baltazar).  I’ve been shooting with him ever since as an associate photographer.

So today, while I was at work-work, I noticed that I had a missed call on my cell.  It was Raine!  “Oh, man! I hope she didn’t already give birth,” I said to myself.  I was supposed to shoot her last week.  I was in luck.  She was just having contractions and wanted to do the maternity session if I was available.  This was around 4:00 this afternoon (July 8).

I get to the house around 7:45PM and immediately start to setup the backdrop and strobes, while Raine does her belly up and Neil watches Mia–I did Lorraine’s maternity pictures more than a year ago, about a week before Mia popped out.  The D700 just arrived in the mail this afternoon, so what better time to test it out?!  It works superbly by the way!  So we start shooting around 8:30PM and here are the results:

LiamLiam and MommyMia, Liam and Mommyliam-0069_editcruz-liam-0137_small