Jan 18 2009

Obama Fever

WASHINGTON, DC — Can you imagine the hype and hysteria in the DC Metro errea, I mean, area right now?!  Only a trip down to DC can give you a true sense of things to come.  It was only Saturday and the Metro and DC Mall crowds are a sight to see.  Honestly, I don’t know how people will manage to get down there on Tuesday, let alone egress from the Mall.  I probably won’t make the trip down on Tuesday despite the obvious historical significance.  It’s just gonna be nuts!  I’m not the only who feels that way either.  My close family friends from Atlanta made a trip up here just for the Inauguration only to find out the magnitude of expected attendees; well over two million people.  Yeah, nuts!

We just decided to use Saturday as “I’ve Been There” day and use Tuesday to celebrate from the warm, toasty comfort of our homes.  If Tuesday’s weather is anything like this evening’s painfully freezing weather, then I say more power to Beyonce and friends; I hope you bundle up nicely.  We weren’t going away empty-handed, however.  Metro cards–the paper variety–are available from the Metro card kiosks as are the special edition Metro-issued DC maps.  That’s the most authentic and genuine Inauguration memorabilia you can get.  Here’s some shots from tonight:

Jan 14 2009

Calumet Umbrella Adapter

I bought my Calumet Umbrella Adapter from Calumet, obviously.  You can secure yours here.

After much research on what umbrella adapter to pair to my Bogen nano 001b, I finally stumbled across the Calumet Umbrella Adapter from the Strobist website.  I was scouring the ends of the Internet to find the perfect setup.  My criteria was simple: it had to hold my Nikon strobes safely and securely without falling off.  I will not be a happy camper if my adapter decides to lose it’s grip on my SBs.  The Calumet design is simple, yet thoughtful.  The hot shoe mount is recessed to prevent the strobe’s hot shoe from shorting out; the clamp has a spring tensioner to ensure a tight grasp againts the strobe’s hot shot.  It also comes with another female mount insert for different light stands.  I ended up removing the adapter and screwing the mount directly to the 001b.

The Wescott 43″ umbrella (model: WEU43WS) is what I have and it’s stays in the holder quite nicely.  I’m not too crazy about the umbrella’s build quality, but it’s only a minor gripe.  It’s definitely worth having for the price.

I’ve used other umbrella adapters, but their clamps don’t feature a spring for resistance.  Often times the knobs that screw onto the side of the hot shoe are just too darn small to tighten properly and securely.  They also don’t have the recessed hot shoe groove.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: Smith-Vector adapter.

I’ve read complaints about strobes falling off these mounts and have had experience with an SB-900, a $400 flash, falling off.  Luckily I have tiger-like reflexes and caught it!

I did consider this setup: a Stroboframe Flash Mount Adapter (~$15) paired with the Bogen 026 Swivel Umbrella Adapter (~$30), but that alone is a ~$45 USD setup.  The Calumet adapter is less than half of that setup and is a single piece.

I’m very impressed with the build quality and would buy another one if I had to.  I ended up buying two.  And for $17.99 before shipping, it’s not a bad deal.

Rating: 10/10

Jan 13 2009

Ana & Nam – eSession

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Over the weekend Princess Ana arrived, straight outta London, to handle her business in South Cackalacky! Nam and Ana drove all-day Sunday from down South back to the DC area for their engagement session. Unfortunately, we didn’t start shooting until 10:30pm, so sad to say it was a mess since nothing was open for a location shoot. We tried shooting around the house and outside in the frigid cold, but I couldn’t nail a single shot. Did I mention her flight was at 6 a.m the next morn? Oh, did I also mention that the shots were supposed to be used for the wedding brochure that her cousin in Australia is making? Talk about dropping the ball. Well, the Lord was indeed good and blessed the three of us with a missed flight and a second lease on life. Nam managed to gain access to a great private lounge and theater near his house with almost unlimited shooting time. Thank you, Lord!

Only You

Jan 11 2009

Valdez-Dungca Wedding Album

ELIZABETH, New Jersey — Available for order, Marianna and Fernan’s wedding album!

By Bradley David Phot…

Jan 4 2009

Jarren and Jack

FT. WASHINGTON, Maryland — My friend Jackie called me earlier this week to ask if I could shoot the boys, Jaren and Jack, over the weekend since they were in town from New York.  I was more than happy to since I’m always looking to practice with the chil’ren!  I showed up to her parent’s house in Ft. Washington after Crystal and family took off for Montreal.  Jarren warmed up to me rather quickly, but I never earned Jack’s smile for more than a vanishing second.  Not even the trustly peek-a-boo worked.  Wow.  He’s one tough cookie to crack.