Sep 11 2012

eSession — Cabanayan-Garrett (08.11.2012)

WHEATON, Maryland — I’ve been on a hiatus from shooting weddings and engagements (under Bradley David Photography) for a few years now.  But somehow, Rob managed to bring me out of retirement and it feels good.  Never satisfied with my work, I’ve spent the better part of last year and this year trying to come up with a new, evolved style; thanks to Ramon & Kristina and Oly of Metro!  Having the privilege of doing Rob and Alyssa’s engagement photos gave me a chance to test out what I’ve learned.  Both Rob and Alyssa were great to work with, letting me direct them into the shots that you’ll see in a few short moments.  I hope you enjoy the new look!

Location: Brookside Gardens


May 13 2011

Destination eSession — Ramos-Tioseco (Barcelona, Spain)

BARCELONA, Spain — I’m glad we’ve done enough to keep your attention, so welcome to second leg of our two-city tour and what a city it is!  What can we say about Barcelona?  Well, for one it’s a city for e-ver-y-one.  It’s a city with beautiful people and culture, progressive design, and political expression.  Barcelona is a motorcyclist’s Mecca.  It’s a sexy, explosive blend of the old and the new architecture.  It’s a place where skaters and graffiti artists are accepted and embraced–made obvious by the featured skate park at the Barcelona-Sants station and the well-placed graffiti murals on rolling store-front doors.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the high-tech rail system.  During your ride, look to an adjacent cart and you’ll see the craziest optical illusion as the train snakes its way beneath the city.  It’s one of many subtle differences that makes other leading countries look, well, ancient.  I’m not talking about you, Venice; you’re different.

Let’s continue on our restless, Red Bull-infused, photo bonanza!  Watch as we hit up Parc Guell… an hour after the other tourists raid the joint, kicking up dust, and giving us impossible framing options.  Fun, fun, fun!  We shoot, we leave, we eat, we freshen up, we change wardrobe, then head to La Padreras–a rooftop to end all rooftops, seriously–with plenty of time to spare.  Uh, yeah right!  15 minutes to shoot.  No joke.  We spent more time in line and in the elevator than we did shooting.  We wouldn’t expect anything less.


May 9 2011

Destination eSession — Ramos-Tioseco (Venice, Italy)

VENICE, Italy — After missing our original flight from DCA to LaGuardia, some quick wheelin-n-dealin from Ramon and Kristina with the airline got us back on track, sort of.  Our new route: a five-hour bus ride from Virginia to New York’s Penn Station, a quick bite at Shake Shack, and finally a mad dash–albeit slow–through the infamous Holland Tunnel and into Newark, NJ.  After a short layover in Rome, we headed North to Venice.  Upon landing, we were greeted with some awesome, blue-sky weather.  A 20-minute ride aboard a spectacular water taxi yielded some impressive views of the ancient city.  So we lost a half a day of scouting; no big deal.  We were made to push through impossible odds!  Besides, we’re in Europe, baby!

Without further ado, follow Ramon, Kristina, and their relentless photographer on the first leg of the three-city tour, beginning with Venice, Italy.  Our photo sessions take us around the magnificent Piazza San Marco along the Grand Canal, the splendid Salute, the timeless Rialto Bridge, and through the endless alleys and bridges of Venezia!  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Barcelona!

May 25 2009

Rose & Rob eSession

WASHINGTON, DC — Rob and Rose are two of my closest friends.  I’ve known Rose since we were in children’s worship service; we also got baptised on the same day back in 1992.  I met Rob when he got stationed here.  We ended up getting an investment property in Burtonsville back in 2004.  Did I mention he taught me how to snowboard?  I’m forever indebted.

Before Rob got stationed Okinawa and Cuba, he got the opportunity to spend time with Rose in Washington, DC and a couple other venues.  The two kept in contact with each other through email and Facebook and decided that they were right for each other.

So here we are again, full circle in Washington, DC to grab some frames.  It was a hot, yet pleasant day in our Nation’s Capital.  Take a look:


Jan 13 2009

Ana & Nam – eSession

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Over the weekend Princess Ana arrived, straight outta London, to handle her business in South Cackalacky! Nam and Ana drove all-day Sunday from down South back to the DC area for their engagement session. Unfortunately, we didn’t start shooting until 10:30pm, so sad to say it was a mess since nothing was open for a location shoot. We tried shooting around the house and outside in the frigid cold, but I couldn’t nail a single shot. Did I mention her flight was at 6 a.m the next morn? Oh, did I also mention that the shots were supposed to be used for the wedding brochure that her cousin in Australia is making? Talk about dropping the ball. Well, the Lord was indeed good and blessed the three of us with a missed flight and a second lease on life. Nam managed to gain access to a great private lounge and theater near his house with almost unlimited shooting time. Thank you, Lord!

Only You