Nov 26 2012

Maryland Wedding — Cabanayan-Garrett (10.13.2012)

OLNEY, Maryland —

Prep: Holiday Inn
Ceremony: Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel (Temple Hills)
Reception: The Inn at Brookville Farms
DJ: DJ Xcitement
Photographers: Bradley and Jeremiah


Nov 7 2009

David-Williams Wedding – 11.07.2009

BRENTWOOD, Maryland — What a blessing it was to have such beautiful weather on Mercedes and Richard’s wedding day.  I learned about my cousin’s wedding two weeks before today and asked if they wanted my cousin Jeremiah and me to shoot it.  I was pretty excited to visit my old neighborhood in Queenstown, right off of Chillum Road in Hyattsville, Maryland.  I had such great memories growing up there, so it was befitting that I continue making more on Mercedes’ wedding day.  Congrats, my beautiful cousin and my new cousin-in-law, J.R.!

david-williams-5816 david-williams-5824 david-williams-5853 david-williams-5835 david-williams-5861 david-williams-5881 david-williams-5942 david-williams-6012 david-williams-6030 david-williams-5977

Apr 27 2009

Viloria-Agron Wedding – 04.24.2009

CHICAGO, Illinois — Christina (Tina), the bride, is an old friend of mine from way back.  I met her through my friend Aine when I was interning in 1997 at Argonne National Laboratory.  Tina called me late last year to see if I would cover her wedding.  How could I say no.  Tina is a great and generous friend!  My brother Paul and I stayed at her house in Kauai!  As a matter of fact, her house is on the mountain where Spielberg filmed the “flocking” scene in Jurassic Park.  Did I mention that she killed the monstrous cockroaches that I was too petrified to exterminate myself?!

Come to think of it, Christian, the groom, was the first ask me to shoot his wedding while I was shooting the Valdez-Dungca wedding last June.  I’ve known Christian for a few years as well, but wasn’t sure if he was serious about the coverage.  I guess he was!

Upon arriving in the Windy City, I was greeted by my luggage at baggage claim (fast service if must say so) and a black limo and driver; well not really, the limo was actually a black Honda Accord and the limo driver was Christian.  It was no doubt an errand and tie-up-loose-ends kind of day.  At the time, I thought I was shooting solo, so I decided to cover Chris at the barber shop.  His barber is amazing!  He used a razor blade to cut’em up.  I was impressed by his control and skill.

I was blessed by the Almighty and had two excellent shooters on-hand: Kuya JoJo and Conrad.  Man, these guys have the gear and skills to cover.  Awesome.  Conrad had two 46″ Photek umbrellas that improved our group portraits big time.  I actually ended up ordering one because of the quality it bought us at the chapel and the Hyatt Regency (O’hare).  Check out our work.  This is the Castelo-David Photography  Collabo, foreal!


Oct 26 2008

Hayag-Dela Rosa Wedding – 06.29.2008

TEMPLE HILLS, Maryland — What can I say?  Noreen and Noel are so chill and relaxed.  I don’t think these two know the meaning of mad?  I always see them laughing and joking.  Yeah, speaking of joking… After the reception, Noel, Noreen and I headed back to the Hotel Monaco Alexandria for more portraits.  I thought it was necessary to take our time and take advantage of the remarkable artsy flare at the Monaco.  Noel thought it’d be funny to adjust the seat warmers in the car to maximum while I wasn’t looking.  The two of us would be talking in joking and I’d be like, “Dang, my jonk is cookin’!”  Not cool, literally.  The sad thing is I fell for his conversational distractions more that once.  “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again! (W).”  That guy.

Noreen did get a bit of car sickness.  Maybe it was the stop and go traffic on the Wilson bridge or perhaps it was my driving or both!  At any rate, she almost didn’t feel like shooting anymore.  Noreen took some time to decompress once we got back at the hotel by opening gifts and closing her eyes for a sec.  Here are some of the shots to prove that Nori is a trooper.


For main coverage, I had a fellow photographer Sohee Kim come out and shoot.  I worked with her during the Mun-Ko Wedding for Baltazar Photography.  Sohee’s a master at the bridal poses!  I learned a thing or two from her, no doubt.  Thanks, Sohee!

Oct 25 2008

Fong-Diamonon Wedding – 08.31.2008

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada — Earlier this year, Laurie and Roger decided to select Jilen and me as their official photographers.  I met them through Crystal during my countless trips to Mississauga (Ontario, Canada).  I was thrilled to shoot my first Canadian wedding!  Crystal, my lovely girlfriend and my Tim Horton’s runner, and I arrived around 6AM to cover the prep for the Chinese tea ceremony.  The house was packed and that was before the family and guests arrived at Laurie’s house.  The girls were great and fun to be around.  Laurie’s grandmother refused to have me take a picture of her until after she got dressed up; she was too funny!  The wedding ceremony was held at the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Mississauga West chapel.  Portraits were taken at the Mississauga Garden Council.  The reception was held at the Summit Garden Chinese restaurant.  Here are some of the pictures from the day:

Oct 17 2008

Macias-Millican Wedding – 10.11.2008

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — Congratulations to Sandra and Mark! John and I had a great time shooting your wedding in Rockville. The weather was great and everything went as smooth as smooth can go.  Manor Country Club was absolutely great to shoot against as the sun was setting.  Here are some images from their day: