Feb 3 2010

CP Boxing – 01.25.2010

Fort Washington, Maryland — This was a really cool shoot at Old School Boxing, located in the basement of Rosecroft Raceway.  The thing that got me was, from the outside, you’d never know it was there.  I went back and forth down Rosecroft Drive thinking I had missed it.  Lucky for me Cyprian answers his cell phone!  The gym is a very authentic boxing gym with, you guessed it, that old school atmosphere.  Inside, dozens of sweaty, yet welcoming faces greeted me as I entered the gym.  The smell reminded me of the wrestling rooms back in high school.  Weathered boxing gloves and old speed bags line the ceiling, while posters of boxing legends hang immortalized on the walls.  I’ll definitely make another run back there and shoot around.

    Client: Cyprian (CP Boxing)
    Location: Old School Boxing (Rosecroft Raceway), 6336 Rosecroft Drive, Fort Washington, MD, 20744-1921








Sep 20 2009

LA Boxing: Fight Night – 09.19.2009

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — What better way to kick off the Mayweather-Marquez evening than to see a dozen or so brave souls dukin’ it out! It’s my first Fight Night event at LA Boxing and I hope it won’t be my last. Tonight had everything from boxing, to kickboxing, to BJJ! Female and male competitors gettin’ it on for the fans. I mean, I was already tired from the wedding I shot earlier, but somehow I got a second wind. Thanks to the LA Boxing staff for having me.

To purchase the pictures, visit the following link: LA Boxing: Fight Night (09/19/2009) @ SmugMug


Jan 18 2009

Obama Fever

WASHINGTON, DC — Can you imagine the hype and hysteria in the DC Metro errea, I mean, area right now?!  Only a trip down to DC can give you a true sense of things to come.  It was only Saturday and the Metro and DC Mall crowds are a sight to see.  Honestly, I don’t know how people will manage to get down there on Tuesday, let alone egress from the Mall.  I probably won’t make the trip down on Tuesday despite the obvious historical significance.  It’s just gonna be nuts!  I’m not the only who feels that way either.  My close family friends from Atlanta made a trip up here just for the Inauguration only to find out the magnitude of expected attendees; well over two million people.  Yeah, nuts!

We just decided to use Saturday as “I’ve Been There” day and use Tuesday to celebrate from the warm, toasty comfort of our homes.  If Tuesday’s weather is anything like this evening’s painfully freezing weather, then I say more power to Beyonce and friends; I hope you bundle up nicely.  We weren’t going away empty-handed, however.  Metro cards–the paper variety–are available from the Metro card kiosks as are the special edition Metro-issued DC maps.  That’s the most authentic and genuine Inauguration memorabilia you can get.  Here’s some shots from tonight: